Yoyos are toys consisting of an axle connected to two disks, designed as a straightforward machine that can be spun and used to play various games. The first yoyo was invented by an American showman named Donald F. Duncan Jr. during the Great Depression, but they became famous worldwide following World War II. Yoyos are now produced in many countries and are commonly used for both complex tricks and essential play. That is the reason why yoyos are being sold at relatively higher prices currently. 

Last week, yoyo guru Sam Beaudoin used his “yoyo” skills to raise $65,000 for the American Cancer Society through an auction for a rare collection of yoyos. The auctions were held online and at various professional venues. People sold another three collections of the most expensive yoyos in Indonesia on November 11, 2007. The first owner of YoYo Jakarta Intra-corporate Yoyo was offered a pre-auction price of $75,000 (5 million Indonesian Rupiah) for his property. He accepted the amount and became the new owner of another one, yoyo.

So, What is the most expensive yoyo in the world? The most expensive yoyo in the world is “The Phat Yo,” made by Duncan Toys. It has a butterfly shape, weighs approximately 92g, and is made of metal. It comes with an alloy string attached to be used right away, but it can also fit with other strings. It was the world’s first yoyo that came in yellow. The price of this yoyo is $500.


How Much Do Professional Yoyos Cost? 

The most expensive yoyo sold to a professional is the yoyo that belongs to EJ Corey, one of the world’s top yoyo players. It is an off-white colored metal yoyo with black dots. The price for this yoyo is $140, but you can sell it at a much lower price. The reason why this yoyo costs more than the others is that EJ Corey personally signed it. Other professional yoyos are sold for around $40 each without a Signature.

There are yoyo contests held nationwide. The most expensive yoyos are presented as awards for those who can perform complicated tricks. However, the yoyos used by professional players are not as expensive as those sold as collectibles because they do not have any significant value as a collector’s item or memorabilia.


Which Is The Best Yoyo? 

Well, if you are a competitor, then I think that you should use the yoyo that will give you the best advantage over other players. In my view, the yoyo should be lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use, and comes in different colors. You can buy any yoyo that you want without overthinking. Don’t worry about the price of the yoyo also because it does not matter so much if you are only trying to learn how to play yoyo. Here is a list of some of the best Yoyos available at affordable prices:

  1. The YoYoFactory Machined Aluminum Yoyo – Classic Style, 6061 T-6 Aircraft grade aluminum, Machined – USA.
  2. The Duncan Yo-yo Injection Shape, with Signature engraved on the cap. This yoyo is made of USA Aluminum. 
  3. The Citizen Sparky 2 – Made of Stainless Steel, this yoyo has no markings on it. You can get it for $50-$100, depending upon the condition you choose.
  4. The Duncan Delrin Black Acid Wash Yoyo – This yoyo is made from 100% USA plastic.
  5. The Duncan Aluminum Grind Machine – This yoyo has a concave bearing and is made from aluminum, which is very lightweight. It also has a signature engraved on the cap. 
  6. The Duncan Speed Beetle is a poly-carbonate plastic yoyo that comes in various colors with a training string attached. It is sold for approximately $7-$15, depending upon the color you choose.
  7. The YoYoFactory Velocity – This yoyo has excellent maneuverability and can be used by both young and old players alike. You can get it for around $15.
  8. The Duncan Adjustable Yo-yo – This yoyo has a signature engraving on the cap and is aluminum. It is sold for around $12-$12.50, depending upon the color.
  9. The Duncan Diamond Yo-yo – This yoyo was sold in Spain for around $100, but you can get it from anywhere at an affordable price of around $25.
  10. The Duncan Foam Yo-yo – This yoyo is made of 100% foam plastic with a tremendous inner structure that will not break even if you use the maximum force while playing with it. It has excellent friction and is sold for around $15.


Why Are Yoyos So Expensive? 

As I have tried to explain above, yoyos are also a trendy toy and a great toy. If you are looking for entertainment, try this simple toy that will give you enjoyment for hours. You can also learn many new tricks from yoyo players. Yoyos are very hard to make because of the sophisticated technology used in manufacturing them. It is why some people think that some persons are making some extra money by selling these yoyos. But real professional players are cautious while buying yoyos because they know the quality of some yoyos, and they are worth it. It is why most players are not worried about the price of their yoyos. 

Then, Why are Yoyo Prices So High? That is a long-lasting problem that is very difficult to solve because it involves many factors. The fact that there are many choices means that consumers cannot quickly determine what constitutes an expensive yoyo. Also, they are made from high-quality materials, due to which they become expensive compared to other toys.


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There are many different types of yoyos available online at affordable prices. You can buy any yoyo that you want, depending upon the size of your budget. The best thing is that you can save some money if you buy yoyos of good quality. The difference between the price of yoyos varies from country to country. Some players are willing to pay more for a good quality yoyo, but some people are willing to buy low-priced yoyos because they think that the performance of these lower-priced yoyos is better than those sold at higher prices.