Here Is Why You Should Buy The New Edge Beyond Yoyo

Edge Beyond Yoyo

Are you a yoyo enthusiast? Do you like collecting yoyos? Are you a competitive yoyo player? If you answer any of these questions with a ‘yes’, then you should definitely check out the Edge Beyond yoyo by YoYoFactory.


The super-wide Edge Beyond yoyo comes with rims made of high-quality stainless steel that gives you the most smooth and powerful spins you might’ve ever seen.


The super-wide rims made of stainless steel don’t only make the yoyo look exceptionally unique and good looking, but they also have a considerable effect on the yoyo’s performance. This beautiful piece of art is also the signature yoyo of Evan Nagao, who took part in the 1A World Championship last year and came 2nd. After that, he announced his retirement from competitive yoyo scene to pursue his career in music.


The huge rims, on the Beyond version of the Edge by YoYoFactory, covers most of the body and cut to the inner part of the yoyo’s shape and provide it with a lot of extra spins. With this excellent yoyo, the only limit is your own imagination because you can pull off endless combos with the Edge Beyond.


The yoyo spins wildly while staying absolutely still. It might look bulky, but it is just about the ideal weight, enough to handle complicated speed combos with ease while maintaining the stability that comes with its magnificent rims.


Not only does it spin will, but it also fits your hand perfectly. The unique design gives you that comfortable feeling every time you grab it in your hand, and it is also easy to catch.


The Edge Beyond comes with a diameter of 53.4 mm. The width is 47 mm. The weight is 64.8 grams. The yoyo’s response is CBC 19 mm Slip Pads, while the bearing is Size C (.250 x .500 x.187) NSK Center Trac and comes with a titanium axle.


The Edge Beyond is indeed a brilliant yoyo that is perfect for long and complicated combos that require an equally demanding tool to be pulled off easily. If you’re a wide yoyo fan, then this is your new beast. The Beyond version of the Edge is slightly different from the original Edge, but the changes are worth it.


You should keep it away from the children’s reach because the stainless steel rims might end up hurting someone. Also, it’s better if you buy some other yoyo that is a bit more ‘starter’ friendly if you’re a newbie at handling the yoyo. Since this one has a unique model, it might take some time to get used to the different feel, but once you’re done with that, this beast won’t disappoint you for the very least.


The yoyo is expensive compared to the other counterparts standing at around $150, but it is worth the money. The Edge Beyond is also available in a lot of different colors so you can choose one that looks suits your taste.

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