Best Yoyo Strings That You Won’t Ever Regret Buying

Best YoYo Strings

It isn’t easy to find the best yoyo strings in this day and age due to all of these different brands, type 6 or 8 cord, polyester, cotton, or nylon thread, but worry not! We’ve got you covered.


In this article, we’ll be telling you all about different string brands so you can make a better decision and buy the best yoyo strings according to your needs.


Kitty String Pack:

Kitty Strings are much thicker and heavier than the regular cords with 12 strands of thread. These strings are used by many yoyo players and champions while also being extremely popular in the general yoyo community. The string is made up of polyester, which is softer than cotton strings. They also last much longer than cotton strings, and they also give you lest string burn due to its texture. One more thing that makes Kitty String Pack superior is that they are hydrophobic to some degree. They don’t absorb water, which is great for preventing rust from affecting your yoyos.


Toxic Strings Pack:

A pack of these strings got like only 10 of them, but they last for a good enough while. These strings got a rough texture, but they’re also very slick compared to other strings. With enough usage, they get softer and comfortable. They’re also considerably good at whipping since they’re heavier than most. They’re also handmade in the US with 100% polyester.


Blueprint String Pack:

These 100% polyester strings are specifically made for competitive play. They’re heavier than regular string, which makes them suitable for slack and whips. They’re also relatively cheap compared to other strings, but in terms of quality, they’re as good as any other major brand. They’re only available for a $14 pack of 100 strings.


YoyoStringLab PLUTONIUM:

StringLab is famous for making the best yoyo strings around the world, and their ‘PLUTONIUM’ is exceptionally better than regular strings. These can also be used effectively for competitive play. These strings last longer than the Kitty and are also better at whips and slacks.


Buddha Poly yoyo Strings:

The Buddha Poly yoyo strings are rougher than most other strings despite being made up of polyester. Even though they’re rougher, they still hold their tension for a much longer time compared to regular strings. You might have to change the strings after one week of continuous use because it will become too much worn out to be used effectively.


StringLab String Type X:

These strings never give you any string burns, and they’re even softer than the Kitty strings. The StringLab String Type X’s 100% polyester string is also much comfortable than most expensive brands. They also hold their tension considerably well, and you can even adjust the yoyo string knot since they don’t come with one from the factory.


These are all one the best strings for yoyo available in terms of quality and performance. With this article, it should become much easier for you to decide which one to go for.

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