Best YoYo Brands: Buyer's Guide For 2023

Purchasing Guidelines

  • With its standard size and build, it's the perfect yoyo to use for beginners looking to learn new tricks.

  • It's more convenient to use this yoyo for medium difficulty tricks such as the brain twister, thanks to its silicone response system.

  • You will find an instruction manual as well as extra strings with a single purchase enabling customization as you see fit.

  • It has a narrow C sized bearing which gives this seemingly ordinary yoyo a great amount of stability to help beginners learn fast.

  • The design of this yoyo coupled with its sturdy build is suitable for professionals as they seem to love using due to its viability in tricks.

Purchasing Guidelines

  • Professionals seem to adore this yoyo for its wide gap butterfly design which enables a higher binding potential and better performances.

  • The smooth aluminum alloy texture allows for a firmer grip during tricks that require more force.

  • Weak throws will have greater spin power due to the advanced center track bearing.

  • With its stronger build, it was built for long term usage spanning 10+ years.

  • Its more suitable for intermediate to advanced players due to its faster spins and irreplaceable axle.

Purchasing Guidelines

  • This yoyo is more suitable for beginners, but intermediate players are fond of it as well.

  • The sturdy plastic gives it a smooth look but also enables considerable resistance against wear and tear.

  • This yoyo has gotten great reviews and is one of the top-rated products due to its longevity.

  • The design allows for finer as well as longer rotations for better tricks.

  • Intermediate players are fond of the smooth spins that enable stability due to the steel axle.

Purchasing Guidelines

  • This variation of the magicyoyo is built of a more long-lasting and sturdier plastic than its predecessor.

  • Weight rings are no longer needed to stabilize the yoyo.

  • The fating bearing enables faster and smoother spins for high-speed trickery.

  • It comes with three strings a yoyo pouch and glove enabling a customizable and professional player look.

  • Those with hand eye coordination and motor skills issues will be glad to know that this yoyo was designed for them to help improve their conditions.

Purchasing Guidelines

  • Option for plastic or metal sleeve over the axle for reduction of drag and longer as well as finer spins.

  • Yoyo factory yoyos as well as the loop 360 are perfectly suited for beginner to advance level players who want to perfect yoyo trickery.

  • It has an easily customizable anatomy for customization and lubrication of the sleeve and axle.

  • It is made of hardened plastic as well as steel parts and wood which collectively make for a durable build perfect for upholding competition standards.

  • A glove, a pouch and various interchangeable strings are included with each package allowing a highly customizable experience with maximum comfort.

Purchasing Guidelines

  • It's different than most light up yoyos as the plastic caps extend past the metal axle which enables both parts to light up at the same time and are easily able to track in air.

  • The two plastic hubs are not only good for illuminating performances but also act a finger spin cup.

  • You do not have to worry about the electronic lights and parts rattling around as every component is press fit allowing for easy customization and maintenance.

  • With an H shaped profile, the Kui Yoyo is designed for the ultimate comfort.

  • An LED backlight strip is included as well; it can be recharged with a USB connector and can be conveniently attached to a wall due to adhesive backing.

Table of Contents

Looking for the best yoyo brands? You have come to the right place.

With the world at the tap of a phone screen, everyone is practically living on the internet. But there should be some off-time as well.

Reviving old-school fun activities is in order, and what better way to disconnect than playing with a yoyo?

Far from being relics of the past, yo-yos are making a comeback in 2021. Moreover, contemporary yo-yos are anything but simple. These cool toys come in various shapes, designs, colors, and materials, suitable for all kinds of string tricks, spins, and techniques.

Moreover, the yo-yo isn’t confined to hobbyists. On the contrary, a simple YouTube search will connect you with pros from around the world that perform mind-boggling tricks and generate millions of views. And you can do the same.

Here some of the best yoyos you can purchase in 2021 to learn new techniques, showcase your skills, or help your kids get a new hobby.

Best Yo-Yos On The Market Today

This product guide will help you find the top yo-yos according to your budget, design preferences, choice of material, and skill level.

To start, Yoyo King Green Merlin is the perfect boredom killer. This yo-yo is suitable for beginners and champs alike. The design is also flexible enough for the most intricate of tricks.

Moreover, its C-shaped axle makes the spins longer while helping you maintain balance. Also, it is designed as a responsive yo-yo. But the additional feature of a removable ball-bearing axle will allow you to turn it into a non-responsive yoyo. Pretty cool, right?

It is portable, easy-to-carry, and lightweight. Just reach for your pocket whenever you’re bored and unleash the Yoyo King Merlin!

The yo-yo is also moderately priced, and the manufacturers throw in an extra yoyo string as well.

So if you are willing to spend a couple of bucks on an enjoyable activity for your kids that engages their senses, you can think about getting a Yoyo King Green Merlin. And even if you’re a yo-yo aficionado yourself, it will help you up to your game.

What we like:

  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Removable C bearing
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Functions as both responsive and nonresponsive yo-yo

Second on our list is the Pro Aluminum Yoyo by Sidekick, one of the best yo-yo manufacturers out there. This yo-yo comprises aluminum alloy, which jacks up its price. However, the alloy also makes this yo-yo durable.

This is an unresponsive yo-yo offering high-speed spins. And its color and design are as premium as its build quality. And since there is no C axle on this yo-yo, it is mostly suited for intermediate to expert players. That said, the ball bearings enable even beginners to achieve long throws and spins.

Coming back to design, this toy has a butterfly shape that allows for a smoother binding. And it has the ideal V shape that ensures high speed for looping.

Not to mention, it is easy to carry and store. The box comprises an extra string in case you need to replace it.

While the Sidekick Pro Aluminum Yoyo is pricier than most of our picks, its long shelf-life and quality make it a good investment.

What we like:

  • Its made of aluminium alloy that lasts long
  • Portable
  • The shape compliments the color and style
  • Lightweight
  • Center track bearing
  • V-shaped gap width
  • Awesome color combinations

Moving on, we have the Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo. This is one of the best beginner yoyos, enabling easy, smooth, and longer spins.

The manufactures have developed this toy with a steel axle and a plastic body, which simultaneously ensures practicality and durability. That said, experienced yoyo players can also use it to demonstrate their skills.

Moreover, it is a responsive yo-yo, which allows for a shallow learning curve. A responsive yo-yo returns to your hand in full swing while the string is being pulled off, making the throws easy and the repetitions super simple.

The axle also makes the yo-yo fit on your palm, providing a smooth grip. Beginners can effortlessly learn and master the techniques they need to upgrade their yo-yo playing abilities. Plus, it is also easy to maintain: You can dismantle it in a few seconds, lubricate, untangle, and you’re good to go!

Duncan Imperial is also light on your pocket, considering its target market. And yet, it provides great value for money as a toy.

What we like:

  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Budget-friendly

The Magicyoyo is a plastic yo-yo designed with aluminium alloy. Budget-friendly, this yo-yo is a good tool for developing hand-eye coordination, among other benefits.

It offers a tremendous range to users, from beginners to pros. Magicyoyo is one of the heaviest ones on our list. The size and weight require the player to balance throws when practicing or to perform tricks.

One of the best things about this yo-yo is that it comes with poly strings. These strings usually do not tangle easily. This, in turn, makes this yo-yo easy to maintain as well. And this also provides a means for uninterrupted yo-yoing. That said, the string can get stuck occasionally.

Magicyoyo also comes with gloves to protect your hands from strain, stress, and bruises. And the compact size and the price range both make this toy pocket-friendly.

What else? Oh yes, the yoyo also glows in the dark. That’s where the magic is.

What we like:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with poly strings that don’t easily tangle
  • Allows uninterrupted practice for skill development
  • Good weight distribution

Number six on our list of the bests yo-yos is Loop 360 by Yoyofactory. It falls under the category of both responsive and nonresponsive yoyos, proving to be a perfect fit for children, young yo-yo players, and well-trained professionals alike.

It has a plastic sleeve over the axle. The body is made of metal, which boosts performance. The sleek design enables it to rotate smoothly without any disruption. The product also comprises wood and polycarbonate. As you can see, the choice of material enhances the quality and durability of the product.

While some buyers may think twice about the price, Yoyofactory Loop 360 offers flabbergasting performance. And the build quality and materials used in the manufacturing offer excellent value for money.

The product also a great gift item for your family and friends, especially kids. And the box comes with a range of accessories. These include gloves that keep you safe from bruises and scratches and extra strings.

Last but not least, the yo-yo is easy to carry and store.

What we like:

  • Responsive/unresponsive yoyo
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Made of metal, polycarbonate plastic, and wood
  • Comes with cool accessories

On number seven we have Kui, which is popular as a party yo-yo.

It comes with a metal body and a polycarbonate cap. But the highlight of the toy is its built-in LED lights. One of the best light-up yo-yos on the market, Kui is a mainstay in contests around the world due to its propensity for fast-paced, attention-grabbing entertainment for yoyo lovers.

And you can achieve the same effect among your friends as well. Thanks to the LED lights, the string becomes practically invisible, which adds to the thrill of the performance. Moreover, you can use this yo-yo to mesmerize audiences in a darkened room.

One of the best things about this yo-yo is that its lights can be recharged with any power bank. For all its specs and features, Kui Light Up Yo Yo is well worth its price tag.

What we like:

  • Built-in LED lights
  • Best for yo-yo performances
  • Aerodynamic

Another amazing unresponsive yo-yo is the Replay Pro. It is a plastic product from a quality brand. And despite its affordable price tag, Replay Pro is very durable. This is a great selection for those who are advancing their skill levels and trying to create their own tricks. This yo-yo will also help you with slack tricks like the Kamikaze.

What we like:

  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Great for creating your own tricks

Finally, this one is highly recommended by professionals. Yomega Fireball has a plastic sleeve over the bearing, enabling faster spins and longer spin times. This is also an amazing yoyo for those who want fast and efficient looping.

The string spins enable even intermediate players to enjoy fast action, while experts can always go for the manual return to perform advanced skills. Yoyo experts should also check out Yomega Maverick.

What we like:

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Suitable for beginner to advance tricks

There you have it! Our best selections for yo-yos that you can buy this year. To further help you make the best choice, we breakdown the anatomy of yo-yos, so you know what to look for.

Basics Of A Yo-Yo

Most people believe that the origin of the yo-yo goes way back to China, but the first actual mention of it was found in ancient Greece back in 500 B.C.

Since then, the yo-yo has made its way in different corners of the globe. Early variants of the yo-yo are seen in the ancient world, countries like the Philippines, India, France, and Scotland.

In fact, it is widely held that a Filipino immigrant brought the yo-yo to the United States. He was an inventor by the name of Pedro Flores, who started the mass-production of these toys in California. Donald Duncan eventually took over the rights of these yo-yos and popularized them.

In our tech-oriented world of android apps and video games, we are hardly getting any off-screen time. In this scenario, yoyoing is one best leisure activities for your kid (or even for yourself) that is cool and entertaining, even in 2021.

Yo-yos help kids bond with their peers. Not to mention, they can organize competitions and performances to channel their creative flare.

Yo-yos come in a range of sizes, weights, materials and categories. Each of these yo-yos can be dismantled with relative ease to fix, replace, or lubricate the strings.

Yo-Yo Strings

There are different types of strings that come with yo-yos. These range from 1A to 5A, where the former is the most basic one, while the latter is the most advanced. A 5A string also enables you to use two yoyos at a time.

You can differentiate yo-yo strings by their composition. String materials include polyester, cotton, or a blend of the two.

The general rule of thumb is that polyester strings are durable, while cotton ones are easy on the hand. If you are choosing a yoyo for your kid, we suggest you ask for a blend of both materials.

Yo-Yo Materials

The most common materials for yo-yo manufacturing include:


This is one of the best materials used for making yoyos, both in the past and the present. Wood definitely gives a vintage feel as well as a nice grip. Moreover, the yo-yo looks ‘real’ with wood as compared to synthetic materials.

However, wood also has its drawbacks. These include an uneven density of the material and weight, making the yo-yo a bit difficult to handle.

Metal (Aluminum)

Among the metals, aluminum is commonly used for making yo-yos. Obviously, as the material changes, so does the price. Aluminum is expensive than wood or plastic yo-yos. However, the higher price also comes with its benefits.

One good thing about metal yoyos is that the weight is heavier in comparison to the other yoyos; therefore, the spin times are longer. Also, metal yoyos are shiny and thus better suited for performances and competitions.


Plastic is the material of choice for the majority of the yo-yos today. It easily accessible, inexpensive, and solid, offering high-performing yo-yos at reasonable prices.

Some of its advantages include easy molding, density, affordability, and stability. Drawbacks of plastic include sharp edges that can cause injuries. Moreover, manufacturers sometimes mold the toy without clearing bubbles, just to cut corners.


This is a stronger and better quality plastic that is used for making injection-molded yoyos. The material is readily available, easy on your pocket, and a huge manufacturing capacity is available for these polycarbonate products. The Duncan brand is especially renowned for its polycarbonate yoyos.

Yo-Yo Prices

It is hard to determine an average yo-yo price. But if you want a general range, yoyos cost anywhere from $5 to $30. The cheaper ones come at a price of less than $10, but the more expensive ones can go even upwards of $100. This is especially true for customized items. Most manufactured yo-yos are moderately priced.

Top Yo-Yo Companies

The leading yo-yo manufacturers in the United States include:

  • Duncan
  • Recess
  • YoYo Factory
  • Sidekick Yoyo
  • Merlin

Basic Yo-Yo Techniques

You should also keep the necessary return techniques in mind when selecting a yo-yo.

The two basic ones are the tug return, where you need a sharp pull to get the yoyo back into your arm. While the other requires tugging the string that inclines the yoyo upwards before it returns to your palm.

Some of the very basic string tricks include trapeze and spin wheels. And while these may seem complicated at first, you can definitely make this your hobby and improve your skill levels with trick tutorials that are easily available online.

A beginner should not be preoccupied with yoyo tricks. They should first get the hang of how to wind up their yo-yos and throw them with ease. You can then add other tricks to your repertoire.

Yo-Yo Maintenance

Once you know the basics of a yo-yo, you can maintain and fix it as well. All it takes is disassembling the body, untangling the strings, and lubricating them from time to time to prevent friction.

However, don’t overboard with the lubrication. And also, use a lube suited to the string material.

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To sum-up, a yo-yo is a worthwhile investment in our day and age when most people are looking for hobbies and fun activities that offer a disconnect from all things digital. Hopefully, these reviews will help you find the best yo-yo as per your budget and preferences.

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